There's a Tent on ya roof!

Mocking aside the best modification you can make to your van when converting is to fit an elevating roof. It offers far more space in the van and at the very least means you can stand up in most of the van space. One of the biggest benefits of a roof being fitted is the fact it can also double up as a bed making the van a 4 birth if you have a Rock and Roll bed fitted.


At DCCampers we prefer the SCA roofs due to the very high quality in finish. We can also supply and fit Reimo roofs as well as other makes should you wish.

The Process

Cutting the roof off the van is no quick task, cutting the hole takes a bit of time to ensure it is all correct, after all there is no going back once its cut out!

Each roof has its own unique strengthening frame which is fitted in place of the cross beams that have been cut out when removing the roof. This is the frame that not only gives the roof the strength but also holds the bed board up when complete.


Most roofs can be painted to match the colour code of the van either from factory or we can arrange our paint shop to spray the roof for you. Most roofs will come standard with either a white or black gelcoat finish.


Fitting of an SCA roof tends to take about 3-4 days, this is due to the bonding methods of fitting the base to the van.


Please contact us for more information about the roofs and also about the price we can offer to fit them.

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