Insulation and Carpet Lining

A big step of preparing the van for conversion is the insulation and carpet lining. We insulate the panelsusing the best materials available. 

Starting with a silent coat layer and then insulating with a purpose made insulation made from recycled plastic bottles. When insulating its important it is done correctly so that the air can circulate and vent otherwise condensation cannot dry out. 

Once insulated the carpet lining can then be applied using a high temperature spray adhesive so that in high temperatures the glue does not dry out and loose its adhesion.

Along side the carpet lining and insulating service we can offer many other services to complete the prepping of the van including the following:


  • Ply floor base

  • Altro floor finish

  • Carpet floor finish

  • Headlining using high quality headlining material

  • Insulating the roof and floor

  • Insulating the front cab


Get in touch to chat about other services and what you need doing for your van.

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