DCC Furniture - Built not Bought

We are proud of our furniture at DCC as we aim for the highest quality finish using the finest materials available on the market, easy to just type this out and using words but we invite you along to show you just what we mean you are more than welcome!. We take pride in putting in the extra detail that makes our units stand out.


Bespoke - We offer a service where you can help design your own furniture.....yeah ok the basics are always going to be the same, the van is the same as every other van, but you can decide how you would like to use the space, maybe the wardrobe space is not as important and you would rather have a longer work top? or maybe one large cupboard, or even a larger fridge! what ever you request we will work with you to see what can be done to best suit your needs.

Bespoke - Design process

Should you wish to go the bespoke route we go through a process to ensure you get what you want from your van. We start by having a chat....maybe even a cuppa and a biscuit! but honestly we ask you to bring anything that has insphired you for the van theme and colour schemes etc.

During the conversion we build up the furniture using MDF to create a Mock up of the furniture and then invite you back to take a look at the design. Making changes or adding bits is now possible or maybe you decide you don't like something at least at this stage we have not waisted all that precious expensive timber!


Even if you just choose one of our furniture designs we still have the mock up of this furniture and you can change the cupboard layouts if you wish!


Flexibility is key to making sure you are happy with your choices and we ensure we are as flexible as the van space and budget allows.

Bespoke - Build process

We build our furniture using many wood working processes from lightweight laminated plywood. The plywood is of the highest quality and is incredibly strong and has perfect properties to withstand the environment of a motorhome/campervan. 


All of our furniture is built in-house in our workshop to ensure we achieve the highest quality and finish possible. We build our own templates and jigs which is why we can offer such a bespoke service, we are not stuck to one specific design. All final furniture is now cut using our CNC machine which cuts to incredible accuracy which guarantees a very high quality finish.


If you wish to pop along to see the furniture being built we are more than happy for you to see this, makes for some great build photo's of the van!

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