Conversion Services

From simple to complex.......have a say in layout to create the right furniture for you.

Its as simple as coming to DCCampers and having a chat through your own requirements, what you wish to store in your van and how you wish to use the van. We will work with you to create a furniture layout that suits you.


We do have a number of ready designed layouts in construction which will be on offer very soon, the first design is likely o mimic the design in the DCC demo T5 (white and black furniture).  

Furniture Building
Poptop Roof - more than just a roof but another bedroom!

Here at DCCampers our prefered roof is an SCA roof, the reason for this is simple....its the best quality roof we can find on the market, One look at the headlining and quality of the fibre glass will make you extremly happy with the choice and will easily justify the slightly higher cost involved in buying one. 

We can also offer to fit other makes such as Reimo or if you have any other kits please get in touch with us to see what we can do to help.

Elevating Roof Fitting
Making the van comfortable!

One of the most important steps of any van conversion is to insulate and carpet line the interior. There is many opninions on how to do this and we have tried and tested many different ways to do this.

You have various options but the insulation is very important for all year round comfort in any van. There are a few things to be aware of when having your van insulated to a high standard. Even though you can't see it once converted there is a few do's and don'ts when it comes to insulating the van and at DCCampers we ensure that the van is insulated correctly using the best of materials.


The carpet lining is also an area that is ventured by many. We use the best of materials again with plenty colour choice and using High temperature adhesive the carpet is a great base for any conversion and transforms the rear of the van. We use hidden clips on all rear panels for that clean proffesional look.


Insulation and Carpet Lining
Windows - One of the major first steps towards a converted van.

Take a look here to see the options we can offer, there are many different options avalable to you for your van.

All our windows are cut in using cutting tools that create no sparks, essential to making sure there is no damage to the rest of the van, all metal lips are then sealed with a corrosion preventing paint before being covered with a wide black seal which covers both inner and outer skins giving a factory look finish.


Get intouch to have a chat about what we can offer for your van.





Window Fitting
Other Conversion Items
It is likely we will do most things for any conversion, so get intouch even if its not a service thats listed on this site.
Diesel Night heaters, Televisions, Audio systems, Tow bars, Heated seats, Awning rails.... the list goes on. We can fit pretty much anything you can ever need in your van.
Please contact us to find out more, anything you need for your van we are likely to be able to help!
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